Walk-thru Permit Eligibility Criteria

The intent of the Walk-thru process is for customers with less complex construction projects to apply for and obtain an issued permit during a single visit. If the project involves water, sewer, septic or well, it is not eligible for the Walk-thru process.

The following types of projects are eligible for the Walk-thru process:

Examples of Eligible Scopes of Work

  • Construction, classroom or sales trailer
  • Demolition of the entire structure (does not include partial demolition)
  • Re-roof
  • Sign
  • Tents greater than 900 square feet (without food preparation within the tent). Tents less than 900 square feet do not require permits

There are special hours for accepting Walk-thru permits. Excluding holidays, commercial walk-thru permit applications are accepted on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 to 11 a.m. All applications must be submitted in person and are processed in the order received. Appointments are not accepted.