Commercial Amendments and Revisions

Commercial Construction Document Changes

After the commercial permit has been reviewed, it is still possible to make changes to the construction documents. There are two avenues to follow, either an amendment or a revision. For questions regarding the submission process, call 804-717-6427.


An amendment is any change that either requires the approval of Chesterfield departments in addition to Building Inspection or requires another field inspection. To request an amendment, call 804-751-4990 to schedule an appointment. Additional fees may be assessed if the scope of the work has changed. Documents required to request an amendment vary based on the situation.


Submittal Instructions

Revisions can be completed within the Enterprise Land Management (ELM) citizen access portal or in-person at Building Inspection.

  • Address all correction-required comments from all building code reviewers.
  • Submit a cover letter containing the permit number and responses to each plan review comment. Denote the sheet(s) on which the revision is addressed. If submitting in-person, submit five copies of the letter.
  • Clearly denote all revisions on the plans with a cloud, revision symbol and revision date.
  • If submitting in ELM, submit revised plan sheets; if five or more sheets in a set have been revised, the entire set must be resubmitted.
  • If submitting in-person, submit five complete, collated sets of revised plan sheets (six sets for projects involving Health department approval). If five or more sheets are revised, submit five full sets.
  • All pages must be the same size.

Revisions (Prior to Permit Issuance)

During the permit review process, revisions addressing Building Inspection review comments should be submitted in a single submittal to the commercial plan review division; individual plan reviewers will not accept revisions.

Revisions addressing departments other than Building Inspection do not need to be submitted at the same time as revisions addressing Building Inspection reviews. However, when revisions addressing other departments affect the building design, submit the revised construction documents to Building Inspection. They will be routed to the appropriate department(s) for review.

Revisions (After Permit Issuance)

The process is the same as that outlined above for revisions submitted prior to permit issuance, with the following additional stipulations:

  • If the revised building design changes the cost of construction, the permit fee may need to be adjusted. The permit holder must indicate the additional cost of construction, if any.
  • Revisions to issued permits are placed into "In Review" status. Inspections may continue to be performed by contacting the building inspector directly. The automated inspection scheduling system cannot be used when permits are in the "In Review" status.
  • A complete set of documents, including all approved revisions, must be maintained in the field. Upon approval of the revision, in-person submission permit applicants will be contacted to pick up the plans; online submission permit applications must be printed.