Curbside Recycling

Residents and businesses may contract with the following companies for curbside recycling services:

Drop-Off Recycling

Convenience Centers

Recycling can be dropped off at either of the county's convenience centers at no charge. The county's convenience centers are expected be open seven days a week in fall 2023.

Community Recycling Centers - Opening Friday, Sept. 22

Opening Friday, Sept. 22, community recycling centers at Harry G. Daniel Park at Iron Bridge, R. Garland Dodd Park at Point of Rocks, Ettrick Park, Goyne Park, Irvin G. Horner Park, Huguenot Park and Rockwood Park will accept drop-off recycling.

Recycling Drop-Off Locations Opens in new windowClick the image above to open in new tab. The seven community recycling center locations, as well as the two county convenience centers, are indicated by triangle icons.

What to Recycle

Your recycling matters and the county wants to help you recycle right! Visit the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA) What to Recycle webpage or contact your private hauler for more information.

Take a virtual tour of a material recovery facility (MRF, pronounced murf) on CVWMA's Journey to the MRF webpage, which includes a video about recycling in central Virginia.

Recycling Transition

As of July 1, 2023, Chesterfield transitioned to the new curbside recycling model. Learn more about the curbside recycling transition by reading the Chesterfield on Point blog and view the presentation to the Board of Supervisors from Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022.

Recycling CVWMA Containers

If CVWMA recycling containers are no longer needed, they can be brought to a Chesterfield convenience center at no cost. If assistance is needed in recycling a container, contact WARR by email.