Pet Programs

Adoption Program for Seniors

People who are 62 years of age or older can adopt dogs or cats for a reduced fee of $10. Program participants must produce valid identification.

Visit our Adopt a Pet page.

Free Ride Home Program

The Chesterfield County Police Department's Animal Services Unit offers a free ride home to any dog or cat wearing a tag that displays its owner's information.

Personalized tags, microchips and county dog license tags allow Animal Services Officers to contact owners and get pets home, rather than take them to the Animal Shelter.

Program Highlights

  • Reunites lost dogs and cats with their owners.
  • No cost to the pet owner.

Please note that a shelter stay will cost the pet owner $30 the first day and $12 for each additional day.

Incentive Program for Adoptable Dogs or Cats with Special Needs

Dogs and cats that have special needs due to age or treatable health issues can be adopted for a reduced fee of $10.

Visit our Adopt a Pet page.