Comprehensive Plan Modernization Project

The Board of Supervisors adopted the comprehensive plan in May 2019. The Comprehensive Plan Modernization Project will be a technical cleanup of the comprehensive plan, removing outdated sections to further promote revitalization of the older plan areas and to provide a simplified version for easier use by citizens, staff and the development community. 

View the Comprehensive Plan Modernization Plan update given at the Tuesday, Sept. 21 Planning Commission Meeting (time stamp 27:47).

The Comprehensive Plan Modernization Project will remove the following four outdated area plans and replace their land uses with their modern equivalents in the countywide land use plan (adopted 2019). These four plans comprise approximately 10,000 acres. View the existing land use plan map

Why modernize the comprehensive plan?

The existing comprehensive plan contains multiple layers of land use designations and site-specific recommendations. The four outdated plans contain different land uses not found elsewhere in the countywide land use plan, making these plans challenging to interpret and implement. Additionally, the plans are not representative of current or anticipated development trends. In short, the outdated nature of these plans is hurting potential investment and revitalization opportunities in these older areas. View the existing plans map (PDF).

The impacts of revising the countywide land use plan on the community are anticipated to be minimal, as much of the land area within the project geography is currently developed. Many of the proposed land use changes will more accurately reflect existing development patterns and their proximity to existing residential communities. This will minimize the impact of new development on these communities by providing more appropriate land use transitions.

What does the modernization project propose?

As the majority of the 10,000-acre area included in this proposal is developed, the modernization project is predominantly focused on the development of vacant parcels surrounded by existing built-up areas, known as infill development, and the redevelopment of existing commercial areas. There will not be significant new growth, known as greenfield development, such as the development taking place in the western portions of Chesterfield County. The proposal includes:

  • Decrease in retail space
  • Decrease in office space
  • Increase in light industrial space
  • Minimal increase of dwelling units

While the four outdated area plans will be removed, the county will retain the ability to target smaller areas with specific area plans within the project geography. The plan will be simplified for easier use by citizens, staff and the development community. View the proposed plan map (PDF).

Submit Comments and Feedback

We always welcome input and would appreciate any feedback you have. Community members are encouraged to use the online comment form to provide comments and feedback on the Comprehensive Plan Modernization Project.

A virtual community meeting to discuss the Comprehensive Plan Modernization Project will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021, at 7 p.m. via Microsoft Teams. Join the virtual community meeting.

The plan will next be discussed at the Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2021, Planning Commission meeting.

Questions or comments regarding the Comprehensive Plan Modernization Project? Contact Principal Planner Drew Noxon via email or by phone at 804-748-1086.

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