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Extension of Public Roads in an Agricultural District

Subdivision Ordinance Amendment

Sections 17-46, 17-51, 17-75, and 17-76 of the subdivision ordinance provide the process and standards for parcel subdivisions. If the proposed amendment (PDF) is approved by the Board of Supervisors, this amendment would clarify final plat process for residential parcel subdivisions; would reduce the minimum road frontage requirement for parcels created where zoning approval has been granted to allow for creation or extension of a public road in an Agricultural (A) zoning district; would clarify that all streets within a lot or parcel subdivision shall comply with applicable Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) road standards and pavement design guidelines; and would institute a maximum number of parcels that could be served by one or two access points within a parcel subdivision and an exception process for parcels created where zoning approval has been granted for creation or extension of a road in an Agricultural (A) district.

A virtual community meeting was held on Monday, June 12, 2023. The presentation (PDF) for the meeting can be viewed here along with the video of the meeting. 

A public hearing will be held at the January 2024 Planning Commission meeting.  

If you have any questions, please contact Thomas Jenkins by email or phone at 804-318-8898.

Comprehensive Plan Projects

Ridgedale Special Focus Area


The Board voted unanimously to approve the plan at the Oct. 25, 2023 public hearing. View the Ridgedale Special Focus Area adopted plan (PDF).

For more information, contact Senior Planner Brett Meadows by email or by calling 804-717-6397.

Special Focus Area Plan Recommendations

In 2022, Chesterfield County initiated a Special Focus Area (SFA) study for the Ridgedale area. A Special Focus Area plan is a long-range plan providing detailed development guidance to areas undergoing, or having a high potential for, change. The SFA plan serves as a guide for future growth; land development; and redevelopment decisions, programs, ordinances and policies. An SFA plan relies on strategies for redevelopment of key properties through detailed design guidelines and placemaking strategies. This SFA plan is a component of the countywide Comprehensive Plan. It is intended to address anticipated needs of the area over the next 15-30 years.

Notable recommendations of the plan include:

  • Land uses designations that promote commercial, residential and recreational opportunities for the existing community as well as visitors to the area.
  • Design guidelines for connectivity, site layouts, open spaces, lighting and signage.
  • Implementation items related to community facilities, incentives, infrastructure, and studies for affordable housing and trail creation.

The plan does not require property owners to change existing uses, and it does not change existing zoning found in the zoning ordinance. Any major development will require zoning, public hearing, and/or site plan processes and will be reviewed by relevant departments and public officials.

Ridgedale/Ironbridge Selection

There were several factors that prompted the initiation of a SFA plan in the Ridgedale area. The county saw an opportunity to reexamine the possibilities for an area that is a distinct gateway to the county. The area includes the currently vacant Chippenham Crossing Center, which formerly had a grocery store as a tenant. Ridgedale Parkway is home to public and private park facilities, apartment complexes, and J.G. Hening Elementary School. Mary Stratton Park encompasses part of Falling Creek and the East Coast Greenway has been proposed through the area.

Zoning Ordinance Modernization Project

View information regarding the Zoning Ordinance Modernization (ZOMod) project.

ZoMod - Zoning Ordinance Modernization

Archived Projects

View information regarding the Upper Magnolia Green rezoning project