Black & Smokeless Powder Regulations

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All permit holders shall comply with laws, regulations and ordinances set forth by the International Fire Code, Virginia State Fire Prevention Code, Chesterfield County Code, NFPA 495, and Federal Regulation 27 CFR, Part 555.

Storage Requirements

  • Material must be stored in its original manufactures container.
  • Not more than 100 pounds of smokeless propellant shall be stored in wholesale and retail stores or approved establishments.
  • Not more than 8 pounds of smokeless propellant shall be displayed in mercantile occupancy.
  • Not more than 1 pound of black powder shall be displayed in a mercantile occupancy.
  • Black Powder shall be stored in a Type 2 or 4 magazine. (less than 50 pounds indoor or outdoor; greater than 50 pounds outdoor only)
  • Smokeless propellant exceeding 20 pounds shall be stored in an appropriate magazine.
  • You must report any damage caused as a result of storage or use of explosives.

Document Requirements

  • You must maintain record of black powder sales, removal, destruction and/or on-hand stock.
  • A permit is on an annual basis only. A check for $65 must accompany for a renewal made out to Treasurer, Chesterfield County.
  • You must present a copy of ATF permit and/or license.
  • A material safety data sheet for products must be on site.
  • The minimum insurance required shall be $1,000,000.

Failure to comply with these conditions may constitute a violation of the law, which could result in possible legal action.