Submittal Requirements

Submittal Requirements for Residential Walk-Thru Permits (Including Townhouse Permits)

  1. Complete permit application
  2. Two complete sets of construction plans drawn to scale; three sets for townhouse (One set is returned to the applicant with the issued permit.) Plans must include:
    1. Townhouses - complete floor plans, structural framing plans and cross - sections, as needed.
    2. All new beams, joist columns and footings showing sizes, material types and spacing noted
    3. Deck/porch conversions or modifications to existing decks - show existing footing and pier sizes
    4. Deck plans - include details of attachment and flashing if it is not designed to be free - standing.
  3. One plot plan listing the setbacks from existing and proposed improvements. A plot plan is required unless the permit is for interior work only. Plot plans must contain:
    1. Entire property, showing all property line dimensions
    2. Existing dwelling, any other existing structures and location of proposed structure. Clearly indicate all dimensions of proposed structure. For accessory structures, indicate the overall height.
    3. Setbacks from the closest point of the proposed structure to property lines in each direction. Label the measurements from each property line to the closest point on the structure as exactly as possible. Clearly label the name of the road.
    4. All buffers, easements or floodplains located on the property (no structure may be located in these areas).

Walk-Thru Process

  1. Application
    1. A customer-service representative reviews the permit application, processes the permit data, calculates and collects permit fees, and provides the applicant with a receipt.
    2. The applicant may wait until permit reviews are completed, which may take 30 minutes or longer.
    3. If a county department has questions concerning the application, that department contacts the applicant.
    4. If the applicant leaves the area and/or cannot answer the questions, the application is processed through the normal process.
  2. Plan Review
    1. Plan reviewers from all applicable departments review the submitted plans and documents for code and ordinance compliance.
      1. Building Inspection: reviews the plans for building code compliance
      2. Planning: reviews the plot plan for setbacks, easements and zoning compliance
      3. Environmental Engineering: reviews the plot plan for setbacks from all easements and environmental features. View a typical sketch (PDF)
      4. Utilities: reviews the plot plan and permit application to verify there are no encroachments into water and sewer easement
    2. If plan corrections are necessary, the plan reviewer talks with the applicant to see if the plans and documents can be corrected.
    3. Incomplete plans, or plans that cannot be corrected, are not be eligible for walk-thru permits during that visit.
  3. Permit Issuance
    1. Upon approval of all reviews, the Building Inspection Department issues the permit to the applicant, along with the plans.
    2. If corrections are required, the applicant receives a letter explaining the corrections to be made. (Incomplete plans, or plans that cannot be corrected, are not eligible for walk-thru permits during that visit.)
    3. Once the corrections are made, the applicant may return for a walk-thru permit or go through the regular permit process.

Additional Notes

  • Approved building permit must be visible on the job site, and construction plans must be available to the county inspectors on the job site.
  • Any change from the plan or to the permit requires an amendment, revision of plan or a new permit.

Permit Fees

See the following table. All fees are paid in Building Inspection and are payable at the time of application. Checks, cash, Discover, MasterCard or Visa are accepted. Checks are payable to "Treasurer, Chesterfield County."

Fees are subject to change. Please consult the Building Inspection website at for the most current information.


Administrative fee (minimum)

Most Popular Conversions

Convert existing deck to a screened porch
Convert existing screened porch to a Florida room
Convert an attic or basement to finished space$174.42

Accessibility Ramp

No fee required.

Detached Garage

Building Permit ($290.70 + Environmental Engineering fee of $50.00)
Interior renovation
Manufactured home in a mobile home park

Swimming Pool, Barrier & Electrical

Pool and barrier together (Building Permit $58.14 + Environmental Engineering fee of $50.00)
Pool applied for separately, or at same time (Building Permit $58.14 + Environmental Engineering fee of $50.00)
Barrier building permit applied for separately, or at same time
Barrier electrical permit applied for separately, or at same time

Townhouse - Conversions (Most Popular Scenarios)

Convert existing deck to a screen porch
Convert existing screen porch to a Florida Room
Townhouse - Deck
Townhouse - Interior renovation
Townhouse - Shed

Additional Information

  • Building Inspection: 804-748-1057
  • Planning: 804-748-1050
  • Environmental Engineering: 804-748-1035
  • Utilities: 804-748-1271