Street Light Program

Reporting a Streetlight Outage

The majority of streetlights in Chesterfield County are owned by Dominion Energy. To report an outage, it is best to contact them directly and supply information that will help identify the pole requiring service. Outages can be reported to Dominion directly by calling 866-366-4357 or visiting Dominion's streetlight outage reporting website. Before reporting the outage, please note both the pole number and the nearest address.

Installing a Streetlight in an Existing Neighborhood

Applications for streetlight installations must include a completed streetlight application form and petition (PDF). In order to qualify, the petition must be signed by 75% of the residents within 200 feet of the proposed light and is to include a majority of the homeowners living at the proposed location.

  • Petitions must qualify in order for the application to go forward.
  • Signing of a petition does not grant an easement to Dominion Virginia Power.
  • Please note, however, that in order to be complete, the petition must include a signature and street address for each signer.

Any pre-existing street lighting style present or previously installed in a given development, Chesterfield County will only consider requests for:

  • The basic “enclosed” style fixture, in either the drop lens or flat lens configuration on a wood or a concrete pole.
  • Or the basic “colonial” style fixture on a 14-foot smooth fiberglass pole.

Examples of the available fixtures are provided at the end of the application packet. Please note that Chesterfield County will only consider requests for the basic colonial type and the basic enclosed type in either the flat lens or the drop lens configuration.

  • Unless you specifically request the drop lens configuration for enclosed style fixture, the county will specify the flat lens configuration as it reduces light pollution.
  • The colonial fixture is the sole decorative fixture allowed; requests for other decorative style fixtures will not be processed.

Upon receipt of your completed application and a qualifying petition:

  • The Department of Community Enhancement will contact Dominion Virginia Power for a cost estimate quotation for the requested installation.
  • Should Dominion Virginia Power be unable to obtain the easements necessary for the installation, they will not be able to submit a cost estimate and the requested streetlight cannot be installed.

Once Dominion Virginia Power has returned a cost estimate, the cost is reviewed.

  • If the individual cost for a light is equal to or greater than $2,700, the application is subject to an administrative budgetary review.
  • If the application/estimate is not approved through the review process, the application will then be administratively denied for budgetary reasons and the project terminated.
  • If the application/estimate is approved through the administrative budgetary review it is then forwarded to the Board of Supervisors for their next scheduled meeting.
  • If the individual cost for a light is less than $2,700, it is forwarded, without further review, to the Board of Supervisors for their next scheduled meeting.

The Board of Supervisors evaluates streetlight applications and approves or denies expenditure of funds for the installation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Rich Billingsley or contact him at 804-796-7081.