50 Ways to Celebrate

Activities in Park History

Hang Gliding

Hang gliding

Halloween Party (1978)

Halloween 1978

Labor Day (1981)

Labor Day 1981

Boulders Concert (1987)

Boulders Concert 1987

Rainbow of Arts (1983)

Rainbow of Arts 1983

May Fest (1982)

May Fest

Turkey Trot (1983)

Turkey Trot 1983

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Cross Country Skiing (1985)

Cross Country skiing 1985
  1. Take a walk at Radcliffe Conservation Area
  2. Play pickleball at Daniel Park
  3. Go orienteering at Rockwood Park
  4. Play tennis at Huguenot Park
  5. Take a belly dancing class at Bensley Recreation Center
  6. Go fishing at Dutch Gap Boat Landing
  7. Play disc golf at Goyne Park
  8. Visit the Chesterfield County Museum
  9. Bird watch on the boardwalk at Dodd Park
  10. Take a kayak tour at Dutch Gap Conservation Area
  11. Visit the Rockwood Nature Center
  12. Take a fitness class at Ettrick Recreation Center
  13. Improve your technology skills at one of our recreation centers
  14. Take a virtual Tai Chi class
  15. Visit Civil War sites in the county
  16. Play bingo from your car in one of our programs
  17. Explore a new trail at a park
  18. Take a karate class at Stonebridge Recreation Center
  19. Learn about coal mining at Mid-Lothian Mines Park
  20. Take your pup to one of our dog parks
  21. Play golf at First Tee Chesterfield
  22. Enroll in summer camp
  23. Go on a Bald Eagle Tour
  24. Picnic at one of our parks
  25. Cheer on your favorite team at River City Sportsplex
  1. Play your favorite sport
  2. Take a day trip
  3. Go stargazing
  4. Try fencing
  5. Go for a bicycle ride
  6. Play Ultimate Frisbee
  7. Do something crafty
  8. Go skiing – snow or water
  9. Try a new recipe
  10. Play cards with family and friends
  11. Go sailing
  12. Work in your garden
  13. Paint with watercolors
  14. Go antiquing
  15. Camp out in your backyard
  16. Play corn hole with friends
  17. Try horseback riding
  18. Play table tennis
  19. Learn to play the ukulele
  20. Go bowling
  21. Play volleyball or chair volleyball
  22. Do some scrapbooking
  23. Play horseshoes
  24. Take an archery class
  25. Set up badminton in your backyard