Department Milestones

Parks in County History

Point of Rocks - Dodd

Point of Rocks (Dodd)

Ettrick Park

Ettrick Park

Iron Bridge Park with Harry Daniel

Iron Bridge Park with Harry Daniel

Goyne Park Picnic Shelter Dedication

Goyne Park Picnic Shelter dedication

Henricus Historical Park - Future Road

Site of future road to Henricus Historical Park

Buildings at Point of Rocks Park

buildings at Point of Rocks Park

Rockwood Park Nature Center

Rockwood Nature Center
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Milestones for 1970's

  • June 12, 1969 - Board of Supervisors approved the Open Space and Recreation Plan for the Richmond Region, for acquiring and developing regional parks.
  • April 14, 1971 - The first Director was hired for the Parks and Recreation Department in Chesterfield County: Carl Wise.
  • County’s Recreation Resources Open Spaces Plan identified the need for the development of regional and local parks. The county purchased sites to create Ettrick and Matoaca parks.
  • July 1975 - Rockwood Park opened. 
  • Spring 1976 - Ecoff, Matoaca, Ettrick and Harrowgate parks opened.
  • March 1978 – A second Parks and Recreation director was hired, Phil Hester.
  • 1978 - Tennis lessons, summer basketball league and camps, and arts and crafts classes began.
  • 1979 - Final year of wildlife film series.
  • Department operated a horse stable complex with 71 horse stalls, a western and English riding ring, judges, and concessions stands, and restrooms.