Regulations, Permits and Fees

Black and Smokeless Powder Regulations

All permit holders shall comply with laws, regulations and ordinances set forth by the International Fire Code, Virginia State Fire Prevention Code, Chesterfield County Code, NFPA 495, and Federal Regulation 27 CFR, Part 555. Failure to comply with these conditions may constitute a violation of the law, which could result in possible legal action. Complete the black and smokeless powder permit application (PDF).

  1. Required Documentation

Required Documentation

  • You must maintain record of black powder sales, removal, destruction and/or on-hand stock.
  • A permit is on an annual basis only. A check for $65 must accompany for a renewal made out to Treasurer, Chesterfield County.
  • You must present a copy of ATF permit and/or license.
  • A material safety data sheet for products must be on site.
  • The minimum insurance required shall be $1,000,000.
  1. Storage Requirements

Blasting Regulations

Blasting operation shall comply with the provisions of the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code, county ordinances and nationally recognized standards applicable to handling, storage and use of explosives or blasting agents.Complete the blasting permit application (PDF).

  1. Blasting Requirements

Blasting Requirements

Requirements include the following:

  • Blasters shall be certified by the State of Virginia.
  • Blasting mats and backfill shall be used.
  • Blasting shall be done during daylight hours only.
  • There shall be no blasting during thunderstorms.
  • The permit shall be on site when blasting.
  • Magazines shall not be located on site where there is blasting.
  1. Fees and Insurance
  1. Warning Signage, Reporting and Damage

Fireworks Regulations

The sale, possession, and use of fireworks by anyone other than a licensed and permitted fireworks professional is prohibited by the Chesterfield County Fire Prevention Code.

For fire displays, permits are issued by this office and permits must be submitted for review 15 days in advance of the event. Requirements for displays are listed on the fireworks displays permit application (PDF).

  1. Fire Prevention Code

Chesterfield County Fire Prevention Code

The Fire Prevention Code is as follows:

  • 5601.1 Scope: The manufacture, possession, display, storage, handling, sale or use of fireworks shall comply with the provisions of this chapter.
  • 5602.1 Definition: Fireworks shall mean any firecracker, torpedo, skyrocket, or other substance or object, of whatever form or construction, that contains any explosive or inflammable compound or substance, and is intended, or commonly known, as fireworks and which explodes, rises into the air or travels laterally, or fires projectiles into the air. Fireworks shall not include auto flares, paper caps containing not more than an average of 0.25 grain (16 mg) of explosive content per cap, or toy pistols, toy canes, toy guns or other devices utilizing such caps and items commonly known as party poppers, pop rocks and snap-n-pops.
  • 5601.2.2.1 Violations (County Ordinance): No person shall store, possess, offer for sale, expose for sale, sell at retail, or use or explode any fireworks, or pyrotechnic special effect materials, except as provided in the rules and regulations issued by the code official for the granting of permits for supervised displays of fireworks or pyrotechnic special effect materials.
  • 5608.1 Permit General: A permit shall be required for the display of fireworks and pyrotechnic special effect material.
  • 5608.2 Permit Application: Application for permits shall be made in writing at least 15 days in advance of the date of the display or discharge of fireworks or pyrotechnic special effects materials. The sale, possession, discharge and distribution of fireworks or pyrotechnic special effect materials for display shall be lawful only under the terms and conditions, and for the purpose set forth in the permit. A permit shall not be transferable, and shall not extend beyond the dates set forth in the permit.
  • 5608.3 Approved Display: Permitted fireworks displays shall be conducted by an operator approved by the fire official, and the fireworks shall be arranged, located, discharged and fired in a manner that will not constitute a hazard to property or endanger any person.
  • 5601.2.4.2 Insurance Required for Display: Before a permit is issued for a fireworks display, the applicant for such permit shall file, with the fire official, a certificate or proof of insurance in such form, amount and coverage as determined by the fire official and county attorney to be adequate to indemnify the County and members of the public against any damages which may be caused either to a person or persons or to property by reason of the permitted display, and arising from any acts of the permit holder, the permit holders agents, employees or subcontractors.

Open Burning Regulations 

No burning is permitted from May 1 through Sept. 30. Open burning/permitted burning does not excuse you from consequences associated with damages or injuries. All laws, ordinances, regulations must be complied with according to federal government, Commonwealth of Virginia and/or Chesterfield County. Complete the open burning permit application

  1. General Open Burning Rules

General Open Burning Rules

  • Fires must be constantly attended until extinguished and no longer smoldering.
  • Attendees must provide adequate fire extinguishing equipment to control the fire.
  • The Virginia Department of Forestry requires that any open burning from Feb. 15 through April 30 between the hours of 4 p.m. and midnight. Must be within 300 feet of woodland, brushland, or field containing dry grass or other combustible material leading to woodland.
  1. Prohibited Burns
  1. Bonfires, Campfires and Recreational Fires
  1. Fire Pits and Burn Barrels
  1. Land Clearing and Property Maintenance
  1. Leaf Burning
  1. Tree and Garden Trimmings

Portable Propane Containers Awaiting Use or Resale

Portable propane containers must be stored within an approved enclosure, which protects against tampering. The enclosure must be secured to the sidewalk, pad, etc., to avoid tipping or movement of the enclosure. All containers must be stored in an upright position. When storing, all containers must be at least 10 feet from any doorway, 10 feet from any combustible material and 20 feet from any motor fuel dispenser. Storage of greater than 500 pounds (25 cylinders) may be required to be greater than 10 feet from any structure, for life safety reasons. Complete an propane container exchange installation application (PDF).

  1. Site Approval and Inspection

Site Approval and Inspection

Complete an propane container exchange installation application (PDF) and include a site drawing on 8.5 inches by 11 inches paper showing the proposed location of the following:

  • Alleys
  • Bollards
  • Doorways
  • Driveways
  • Location of the Fire Extinguisher
  • Parking Areas
  • Roadways
  • Storage Enclosure

The drawing must be approved by the fire official prior to any work being performed. Forward all of the information to the Fire and Life Safety Division.

Storage enclosure installations must be inspected and approved by the fire official prior to containers being stored, exchanged, or sold on site.

Three copies of the as installed site drawing must be signed by the supplier, store manager and the fire official; these approved copies must be retained by each party.

  1. Site Requirements and Barriers