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The application request is to rezone the property to R-TH CUPD for development of a residential community to be known as “Cloverleigh.” 

This applicant has built upon a prior rezoning effort by others on the Cheatham parcel, by assembling the adjacent parcels. This application creates an important opportunity to plan and develop this vital quadrant of the Route 288 and Hull Street Road in a more comprehensive manner. The applicant proposes a mix of single-family detached homes, townhomes, and multifamily units, to include an amenity with pool, bathhouse and outdoor gazebo, plus community gathering areas consisting of parks and courtyards. 

Cloverleigh is proposed to include a range of housing options, to appeal to residents at a variety of income levels and life phases. Single-family homes in the northern portion of the project will appeal to larger households and provide a transition to the adjacent Rose Glen single-family home community. Townhomes in varying sizes occupy the central portion of the Property, and provide ownership opportunities to a range of residents. The southern portion of the Property, adjacent to Hull Street Road and the Market Square shopping center, is proposed as multifamily, to be built as townhome-style condominiums, or rental apartments, offering housing opportunities to singles, empty-nesters, and others with little-to-no maintenance required. 

The layout of streets, homes, and open space has been designed to minimize impact on adjacent property, present aesthetically pleasing streetscapes, and encourage pedestrian activity. Architecture and design will incorporate a range of durable and low-maintenance building materials and innovative community design. 

Most of the townhomes in Cloverleigh will have rear-load, alley-fed garages and front on courtyards or other green open space that will encourage pedestrian circulation, neighborhood interaction and contribute to the overall high quality of the neighborhood. Common areas and parks will be maintained by the owners association to ensure that high quality standard will continue long after development is complete. 

Cloverleigh presents an important infill opportunity to round out the development of the northwest quadrant of the Route 288 and Hull Street Road intersection. Proposed densities within the Property are stepped down from the multi-family uses adjacent to commercial Market Square in the south, to the single-family uses in the north adjacent to existing communities, providing a harmonious development pattern and appropriate transitions between uses. It is expected that business from the additional residential development will help revitalize the neighborhood retail at Market Square, as well as bring additional business to the regional retail across Hull Street Road. Likewise, these neighboring businesses will provide employment opportunities for some residents of Cloverleigh. Offsite road improvements are included in the proffers.

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