Midlothian Special Design District Update

About the Project

The draft Midlothian Special Design District ordinances are an implementation item out of the Midlothian Community Special Area Plan. Out of the adoption of the Midlothian Community Special Area Plan, a committee of community members with varying interests and professional expertise was formed to implement the recommendation of the Special Area Plan. One of the first projects this committee has taken on is the review and update of the Midlothian Special Design District standards. 

The purpose and intent of the Midlothian Special Design District is to implement the design recommendation of the Midlothian Community Special Area Plan and recognize the area’s cultural, architectural and historic heritage. It is the purpose of this district to maintain and reinforce the character, identity and pedestrian scale by enhancing existing development patterns, encouraging highly-integrated infill development, promoting redevelopment of underutilized land and providing amenities in order to create a vibrant village environment to live, work, learn, play and visit. These standards are intended to protect the village by establishing stronger design controls. 

Summary of Draft Ordinances

The draft ordinances applies to Office, Commercial, Multifamily and Mixed Use Development and establishes standards for: Setbacks; Building Height; Architectural Treatment and Building Design; Size of Uses; Bicycle and Pedestrian Amenities; Street Trees; Lighting; Road Network Arrangement, Vehicular Access and Parking; and Public Space. 

Midlothian Special Design District Map

Map of Proposed Midlothian Special Design District Area

Submit Comments and Feedback on the Draft Midlothian Special Design District

We always welcome input and would appreciate any feedback you have. Community members are encouraged to use the online comment form to provide comments and feedback on the draft Midlothian Special Design District. 

Questions or comments regarding the draft Midlothian Special Design District can also be sent directly to Senior Planner Joanne Wieworka via email at Wieworkaj@chesterfield.gov or by phone at 804-748-1081

Midlothian Special Design District Public Comment Form