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December 2020 Everyday Excellence: Cpl. Timothy Morton
(Chesterfield County Police Department)

At the December Board of Supervisors meeting, County Administrator Dr. Joseph Casey recognized the heroics of Cpl. Timothy Morton, a member of the Chesterfield County Police Department (CCPD), who played an integral role in saving the life of a child in November.

Col. Jeffrey S. Katz, Chesterfield County’s police chief, received a letter from a local grandmother last month. On Friday, Nov. 13, she described, her grandchildren were being driven to the doctor’s office by their mother when her granddaughter began to severely seize. Unfortunately, this was not the child’s first seizure this year, so her mother was prepared. Pulling over, the mother quickly called 9-1-1 and gave the child her prescribed medication. She waited.

Then, the child’s heart stopped beating.

The child’s mother began administering CPR. Fire and EMS was en route to the scene. But Morton was closer.

“When he arrived,” the grandmother wrote, “he quickly took over CPR as they waited for the ambulance. He was able to revive our sweet granddaughter by the time the ambulance arrived. She was taken to [VCU Medical Center’s] children's hospital. She was admitted and was able to return home over the weekend.”

Addressing CCPD, she continued in her letter, “We cannot thank you enough for what Officer Morton did for our family. He is a true blessing and a hero.”

At the board meeting, Chairperson Leslie Haley (Midlothian District) gave thanks to Morton, saying, “It is only through stories like this that we really come to doubly appreciate what our public safety folks are doing without any second thought for their own safety many times.”

Supervisor Christopher Winslow (Clover Hill District) added, “Officer Morton, you set the gold standard in what it means to be a community police officer in Chesterfield County.”

Vice Chairperson Kevin Carroll (Matoaca District) has known Morton for over two decades and noted the leadership role the officer has in the Police Department. “The other great thing about having an officer like Tim working with us,” said Carroll, “is he’s a mentor for our young officers and a leader in the respect of teaching them what it does mean to be an officer in service to the community.”

Like the other board members, Supervisor James Holland (Dale District) applauded Morton, but also gave thanks to the grandmother of the child for sharing this story. “I want to thank you all especially for coming in to share because so many times so many great events go on, and they’re not shared and we don’t know,” said Holland. “We thank you.”

Cpl. Timothy Morton

Cpl. Timothy Morton