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Want to Participate?

Anyone interested in serving the county must complete the boards and commission application form. If you need additional information about a particular board or commission, please contact the Clerk’s Office at 804-796-7099.

To find your magisterial district, input your property address in the search field on the Parcel Application page.

Airport Advisory Board

1 Midlothian representative
     Length of Appointment: 2/25/24 through 2/24/27
     Application deadline: 12/17/23 

Board of Building and Fire Code Appeals

3 Alternates (1 Builder, 1 Property Manager, & 1 Architect or Engineer)
     Length of Appointment - up to three years
     Application deadline: open until filled

Community Policy and Management Team

1 Parent representative
     Length of Appointment: Date of appointment through 12/31/24
     Application deadline: Open until filled

Community Transportation Advisory Committee

1 Alternate
     Length of Appointment: Date of appointment through 6/30/24
     Application deadline: Open until filled

Lower Magnolia Green Community Development Authority

2 At-large representatives
     Length of Appointment: Date of appointment through 8/31/27
     Application deadline: Open until filled