Deer Run Drive Sidewalk

Phased Sidewalk

Chesterfield County is constructing the phases of the Deer Run Drive Sidewalk.

  1. Phase 2 (Chital Drive to Key Deer Drive)

Phase 2 (Chital Drive to Key Deer Drive)

Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program funding has been secured to continue the sidewalk on the west side of Deer Run Drive from Chital Drive to Key Deer Drive. Preliminary Engineering is 60% complete. Public involvement included an advertisement for a Willingness to Hold a Public Hearing and the comment period ended June 27, 2021. No request for a public hearing was received.

Traffic Impacts

To be determined.

Project Timeline

Right-of-Way acquisition has begun and construction is anticipated for 2023.


Nate Mathis
Phone: 804-748-1037
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  1. Phases 3 and 4 (Key Deer Drive to Belmont Stakes Drive)
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