Hope Cards for Protective Orders

Chesterfield was pleased to participate as a pilot for the Hope Card program which is now statewide.  

What is a Hope Card?

It is a laminated card, similar in size and shape to a credit card, that contains all the essential information about a civil protective order in a durable, easy-to-read format. The card is a convenient way to carry around the important information found on a protective order. It does NOT replace the existing protective order. Law enforcement still must verify the order in the Virginia Criminal Information Network when presented with a Hope Card. 

Hope Cards are free and can be requested for all final orders of protection in Circuit Court. In General District Court, a Hope Card can be requested for final protective orders involving elder abuse, stalking, and dating/sexual violence with a non-family or live-in partner. 

The Hope Card includes information such as: 

  • Identifying characteristics of the person being ordered to “stay away” 
  • Issue/expiration date of the order 
  • Terms of the order, including possession of residence, etc. 
  • Other protected parties

The application is available online for the protected person to complete and submit to the appropriate Court's Clerk. Applications are also available in each Clerk's Office. 

The Hope Card Coordinator in the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia produces the card and then distributes it directly to the requestor.