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About Chesterfield's Data Program - StratIS

In 2018, Chesterfield County began developing a robust data program. Through this effort, the county has curated a vast selection of datasets from internal and external sources. Today, we recognize the county's enterprise data program as StratIS - Strategic Information Sharing. Through the StratIS platform, data is imported and managed in a useful way to support accurate reporting and prevents duplication of efforts throughout the organization. StratIS leverages cloud-based technology which delivers dynamic tools for trending, predictive analysis and modeling. 

The StratIS platform connects directly to the systems of record, ensuring accuracy of reporting. The project has established productive relationships among various departments throughout the county, including Chesterfield County Public Schools, Building Inspection, Planning, and Utilities. 

Utilizing an Azure Machine Learning workspace (aka cloud-based technologies), Chesterfield County in partnership with Catapult Systems, has configured and productionized a machine learning model to assist with planning for future capital facilities. While the first community demand model focused on students, next up is Fire and EMS services and future efforts will review program and service delivery in areas such as police, parks, and libraries.

Two dynamic reports have been created utilizing the StratIS platform.  The Demand Indicators Report leverages inputs of the community demand model, reporting on key population and housing data, as well reporting the results of the student generation model. The School Enrollment and Capacity Tool offers historical school enrollment trends as well as current year information. 

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