Hatch at Home Program

The "Hatch at Home’’ program facilitates families to hatch chicken eggs in an incubator at home.

Embryology is the study of embryos and their development. Chesterfield 4-H coordinates the popular Embryology 4-H school enrichment program locally, teaching in the classrooms and distributing chicks to area farmers. With current at home learning environment we would like to offer this to families at home.

  • The process will take 30 days from egg to chick.
  • You must supply all equipment Incubator, thermometer/hygrometer, and heat lamp. (a resource list will be provided)
  • A list of resources to find fertilized eggs will be provided for you.
  • You will be supported by 4H technician Chris Allen. She can walk you through hands on experiments, and how to graph and track development of the embryos.
  • Once chicks have hatched you can begin your backyard flock or we will help re-home the chick to local farms.

If you are interested please email Christine Allen.