Meet ChesterBot

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Hi everyone, I’m ChesterBot!

Who is ChesterBot?

ChesterBot is the robot descendant of the miner featured in the Chesterfield County seal. A true innovation of the 21st Century, ChesterBot is a modern-day miner, assisting users in mining (searching) through all the information on the website.

Chesterfield County Seal PNGchesterbotblink
See the family resemblance?
See the family resemblance?

What is ChesterBot?

ChesterBot is an automated question and answer-style chatbot designed to assist visitors of the county’s website to locate online resources across a variety of departments, resources, services, programs and events. ChesterBot is most effective when users search with keywords rather than full questions or scenarios. 

Users can access ChesterBot via a button on every page of the website – for desktop users, the button is located in the bottom-right-hand corner; for mobile users, the button is located at the top of the page under the search bar. ChesterBot is available 24/7 and provides an additional method for users to quickly obtain targeted information on the website.

My button looks like this! Go ahead, try it out!

Why use ChesterBot?

ChesterBot gives users access to information faster and easier than a traditional website search by suggesting answers to user questions. ChesterBot can also respond to many users simultaneously and, since many users have similar questions, save direct-contact county employee resources for more personalized needs and responses.

What’s next for ChesterBot?

As users ask ChesterBot for information, the evolving scope of what users want to know will help the development team to grow ChesterBot’s knowledge base, creating an even more optimized, expansive ChesterBot. The goal is to continue to develop ChesterBot to provide access to ever-growing data on Chesterfield departments, resources, services, programs and events available throughout the website.