Operational firefighting and emergency medical response are a volunteer activity that requires a lot of time and dedication.  Being a member of a response team takes time, training, and trust.  While we welcome new members into our system routinely, it takes time to build a level of trust. 

Citizen Expectation

When a resident or guest of Chesterfield County calls 911, they expect responders who are trained and proficient to handle whatever emergency they are experiencing. 

You need to be ready to meet these expectations. You must

  • be highly trained and competent members.   
  • expect that fire and ems training will require a lot of reading, study, and physical activity.
  • anticipate the enormous amount of time and dedication required to complete.

The reward at the end is knowledge and certifications that can transform your life to something bigger than yourself and start you on a path of service to others.  


The following are the basic training requirements of volunteer members

Requirements Non-Operational Volunteers

  • NIMS - NIMS 100, and NIMS 700

Requirements for Operational Volunteers

  • NIMS – NIMS 100, NIMS 200, NIMS 700, and NIMS 800
  • EMT (for rescue squad members, or those who wish to become firefighters)
  • Firefighter 1 and 2 (for those who wish to become firefighters)
  • EVOC (Optional for those who wish to drive apparatus)
  1. NIMS Classes
  2. HIPAA Training
  3. EMT
  4. Firefighter 1 / Firefighter 2
  5. Emergency Vehicle Operators Certification (EVOC)

NIMS Classes  

Chesterfield Fire and EMS requires all volunteer members to complete National Incident Management System (NIMS) training.  This system was devised after the events of 9/11/2001 to help coordinate multi-jurisdictional response to large scale incidents where agencies would send resources to assist, giving all responders a common means to communicate and coordinate resources and minimize duplication of effort. 

Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) mandates that all persons affiliated with a fire or ems agency be trained and compliance is tied to federal Homeland Security grant monies. 

Members in both fire and rescue squads are required to have the following

  • Class type: Online with Target Solutions 
    • Administrative - NIMS 100, NIMS 700
    • Operational - NIMS 100, NIMS 200, NIMS 700, NIMS 800
  • Class completion: Passing of course exam (can take multiple times) – certification
    • Send a copy of certificate to Target Solutions (our record keeping platform for fire and ems members credentials.)