Employee Excellence

At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Employee Excellence webpage was created to recognize the resiliency, innovative solutions and adaptability of employees who have helped ensure Chesterfield County Government remains open for business throughout the ongoing public health crisis.  

As the county continues to address the pandemic while safely reopening its doors to the public, this webpage will be updated with the stories of those employees recognized by County Administration Dr. Joe Casey at the monthly Board of Supervisors meetings for exemplifying everyday excellence in service to the county.  

This video serves as a thank you to our county employees who have modified and adapted to continue providing everyday excellence to our citizens during COVID-19 and beyond. We stand ready to serve you!

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Everyday Excellence: Danny Gutshall
(Information Systems Technology)

At the Board of Supervisors meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 23, County Administrator Dr. Joe Casey, Chief Information Officer Barry Condrey and Chief Judge Edward Robbins Jr. recognized Danny Gutshall as September’s Everyday Excellence honoree. 

In March, the threat of COVID-19 – and safety measures like social distancing needed to combat it – transformed the way Chesterfield County does business. Virtually all areas of governmental services have been affected and virtually all employees have had to adapt to continue serving the public. The courts system is no exception.  

Gutshall, a senior microcomputer analyst embedded with the court system, has coordinated the installation of major courtroom audio and video upgrades that have allowed some trials and legal proceedings to continue despite COVID-19. Video systems upgrades have now placed Chesterfield County in the statewide Supreme Court of Virginia video system, which Gutshall said provides local courts easier, broader access to justice systems across the commonwealth. The benefits are numerous, including reducing the number of incarcerated people who need to be physically transferred to courtrooms from jails. 

“Danny is a longstanding member of IST,” said Condrey. “His customers have loved him over the years, they applaud his customer service skills and he’s just a really nice guy.” 

Speaking on the court system’s response to COVID-19, Robbins said, “We could not have weathered this crisis without Mr. Gutshall. He could not have a better attitude. He is universally known for having a professional and accommodating attitude working with everyone.” 

Gutshall, a county employee for 24 years, emphasized that teamwork has been vital to ensuring successful installations.  

“There are so many people who have worked so hard to make this project be a success,” said Gutshall. “Before I was involved in the project, several people spent considerable time researching and preparing. Several county staff employees, along with the consultants, county administration, county IT and state agencies researched and planned.” 

Gutshall also credits non-Chesterfield employees for being vital to the process, including consultant Martin Gruen and contractor Lee Hartman. 

“The dedication they have put into providing a top of the line audio video system in the courtrooms has been phenomenal,” said Gutshall. 

Beyond assisting the court system’s response to COVID-19, Gutshall manages several other day-to-day responsibilities, providing support to the courtrooms and clerks offices of the Juvenile District, General District and Circuit courts. 

Said Board of Supervisors Chair Leslie Haley, “These are the stories of what our employees do behind the scenes that a lot of times our citizens don’t get to see or know about [...] but it really is the foundation of what makes Chesterfield great.”

Danny Gutshall

Danny Gutshall