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The Employee Excellence webpage recognizes those county employees who ensure that resources and services are available for our residents, businesses and guests through innovative adaptations to processes, integrating new technologies and overall committed efforts and resiliency. Many of these stories are recognized by County Administrator Dr. Joe Casey at the monthly Board of Supervisors meetings for exemplifying everyday excellence in service to the county. 

  1. March Excellence: Accounts Payable (Accounting)

March 2023 Everyday Excellence: Accounts Payable


During the Wednesday, March 8 Board of Supervisors meeting Chesterfield Deputy County Administrator Matt Harris recognized members of Accounting, specifically Accounts Payable, as the recipients of the March 2023 Everyday Excellence Award for all of the work they do for the county.

Assistant Director of Accounting Kevin Payne introduced members of the Accounts Payable team to the Board of Supervisors including Jessica Tankersley, Diane Lanier and Drecilla Smith.

The Accounts Payable team is responsible for processing all vendor payments for the county and Chesterfield County Public Schools. Typically, Accounts Payable is not revenue producing but with a pair of programs, the E-payables Program and the Purchasing Card Program, they’ve recently been able to do just that.

The E-payables Program is a virtual card payment option offered to vendors who wish to enroll. Last year, the program produced just over $320,000 in revenue by allowing the county to receive a rebate from its banking services provider based on total program spending. In 2022, with the hard work of the staff, specifically program administrator Jessica Tankersley, the county began a new enrollment campaign and was able to enroll 172 additional vendors. That brought the total number up to 622, a 38% increase.

Since it’s inception in 2011, the E-payables Program has brought in approximately $3 million in revenue with the 2022 rebate being the largest the county has received. Not only does the county receive revenue and have reduced costs normally associated with check printing and postage, but enrolled vendors are able to receive their payments quicker and are able to process these electronic payments more efficiently.

The Purchasing Card Program, meanwhile, offers a physical credit card to selected employees which allows them to make eligible small-dollar purchases. These cards have pre-determined monthly and transactional limits set by department directors. Not only does this make the procurement process more efficient for users but the county is also able to consolidate these purchases into one monthly payment to our card provider. Like the E-payables Program, the county receives a rebate based on the total amount spent and saves on printing and postage. The rebate for 2022 was just over $88,000, which was also the largest since the inception of this program.

Led by program administrators Diane Lanier and Drecilla Smith, the county has received $586,000 in revenue from its Purchasing Card Program since 2011.

For more information, view the Everyday Excellence presentation during the March 8, 2023 Board of Supervisors meeting.

Accounts Payable - AccountingMembers of the Accounting Department, and specifically the Accounts Payable team, were recognized at the March 8 Board of Supervisors meeting.

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