Mobile Home Permit Case Status Descriptions

Application Review [App Review]

The first stage of the process, application review, occurs after a complete application has been submitted along with associated fees and supporting documents. Once the Planning Department accepts the application a Case Manager and Case Number are assigned. Additional documentation regarding the request may be submitted for consideration prior to the final report.

Staff Report Preparation [Staff Report]

Staff will draft a report with detailed information regarding the characteristics of a request, associated graphics, supporting information, and staff recommendations. When finalized, this report will be provided to the Board of Zoning Appeals and posted for public review.

Board of Supervisors Hearing [BOS Hearing]

The Board of Supervisors (BOS) holds a public hearing for Mobile Home permits. At the BOS hearing, the permit request is presented by staff with permit information and a staff recommendation. The applicant will also be able to address the Board regarding the permit request. After the permit information is presented, a public hearing will be held where members of the public will be able to address the Board regarding the permit request. Following the hearing, the Board will formally approve or deny the permit. In some cases, when additional time or information may be needed, the BOS may defer decision on the permit to a future meeting.

Example Status:

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