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The Chesterfield County Professional Firefighters Association (CPFFA), International Association of Firefighters (IAFF), Local 2803 was affiliated on November 13, 1980. Currently, we represent the following groups:

  • Civilian Employees
  • Emergency Dispatchers
  • Uniformed Employees from Firefighter to Senior Captain
  1. Programs
  2. Community Causes
  3. Training & Representation
  4. Accomplishments

CPFFA and leadership have worked on many programs which include:

  • Development and implementation of a career development program
  • Development and implementation of the department's Rapid Intervention Team policy. (Two-In-Two-Out)
  • Development of a department program to investigate line-of-duty injuries and deaths based on the program developed by the IAFF
  • Development of the department's infection control program
  • Development of a professionally managed department-wide health and fitness program based on the IAFF/IAFC initiative
  • Development of recommendations regarding the implementation of the county's drug/alcohol testing procedure
  • Installation of diesel emissions systems in fire stations
  • Purchase of the department's first Personal Alert Safety System device