Courts' Response to COVID-19 Coronavirus


All persons aged five (5) and older must wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth when entering the Chesterfield Courthouses.  It is expected that visitors will supply their own face covering; however, the Courts will provide disposable masks for those visitors who do not have their own.  Individuals without a face mask will not be permitted to enter the courthouse except for those who cannot safely wear a face mask because of a health-related condition.

The Court can conduct remote hearings as appropriate.  Please see the information published below with dates for April 15-16, 2020, as well as Remote Appearances for complete information.

Beginning Wednesday, April 8, 2020, the Sheriff’s Office will initiate temperature screening of visitors at the main entrances of both courthouses as a condition of entry.  

Screeners will be masked and gloved.  If anyone is turned away for having a temperature at or above 100 degrees WHO IS ALSO A PARTICIPANT IN A HEARING, the Sheriff’s Office will immediately advise the presiding judge.  Such persons MAY still participate in a scheduled hearing by telephone from outside the courthouse AT THE DISCRETION OF THE PRESIDING JUDGE.

Courts’ Response to COVID-19 Coronavirus

See information regarding the Declaration of Judicial Emergency ordered by the Supreme Court of Virginia

Current Information Regarding Court Operations & Public Services

Chesterfield Courts

For the duration of the Governor of Virginia’s declared state of emergency --

All levels of Chesterfield Courts (Chesterfield Circuit Court, Chesterfield General District Court, and Chesterfield Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court) have met to plan for COVID-19. Please be assured that detailed planning is taking place and there will be more to share when and if more significant steps are necessary. 

The most important information we can share is that all of us should practice good personal hygiene, including proper hand washing and cough etiquette. Please use good judgment when visiting the courthouses and stay home if you are sick. The Courts are involved in the County’s response to COVID-19 and are following the CDC and Virginia Department of Health for updates. 

The Judicial Branch has a Pandemic COOP Plan and the Chesterfield Courts have their own individual plans that will be activated, if necessary. Here is an update that all three Courts would like to share with our stakeholders at this time:

All Courts:

  • Online prepayments of traffic cases (where appropriate) and online payments of all fines and costs are strongly encouraged
  • Inmates: Where possible, hearings will be held via videoconferencing; out of state witnesses will not be transported.  Riverside Regional Jail has temporarily suspended in-person visitation; video visits may be accommodated.  
  • Please do not visit the courthouses unless you absolutely have to; if you are not necessary to a proceeding or may be able to conduct your business at a later date, please stay home
  • Travelers from a Level 2 or 3 Travel Health Notice Country: Notify the Court immediately if you are summoned, via phone or email; your case will be continued. DO NOT COME IN PERSON.
  • Illness: If you are sick, notify the Court immediately if you are summoned, via phone or email; your case may be continued. DO NOT COME IN PERSON.
  • Attorneys:  Attorneys may drop off filings in the Clerk’s Office without being required to wait

Circuit Court

General District Court

  • Please read information regarding service delivery during the Judicial Emergency from the General District Court Clerk’s Office.
  • Attorneys are encouraged to file speedy trial waivers on district court felonies for people who are in custody if continuances are required due to the public health emergency
  • For more information Email Linda Moore

Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court

  • Bon Air JCC has temporarily suspended in-person visitation; visit with residents can occur via phone or video chat
  • The Chesterfield Juvenile Detention Home has temporarily suspended in-person visitation; telephone visits with residents may occur and in-person visits with counsel of record may be pre-arranged through Willie May.  
  • For more information Email Laura Griffin

Past COVID-19 Press Releases Regarding Court Operations & Public Services