Community Champion Personas

Youth (12 and under)

A fifth grader at a Chesterfield elementary school who has been collecting food for Feed More, a Central Virginia hunger relief organization, since he was a toddler. Despite being young, he has dedicated almost all his life to serving others.

Teen (13 and older)

A middle school student who volunteers for the Richmond and the Southside SPCA. Her work collecting donations has raised thousands of dollars for the organizations and animals in need. However, her compassion expands beyond animals, as she spends her summer vacation volunteering with children with special needs, teaching them to play sports.

A high school student who works to improve community outreach and multicultural relations in her school. Has led the implementation of Black History Month assemblies and is a leader of their school’s Multicultural Club, whose mission is to make people of all cultures, races, ethnicities and nationalities feel welcome, and to invite discussion and education about our differences and similarities.

Youth Group (2 or more under 18)

A group of students at a Chesterfield high school who reach out to at-risk youths with biweekly events and meetings. Collectively, members have spent over 1,000 hours collectively fundraising, hosting community events, hosting appreciation events for volunteers, developing digital media marketing, holding weekly meetings and making presentations to the community.

Two students in a Chesterfield high school who have teamed up to help feed the homeless in Richmond. Together, the partners drive into the city every week to distribute hot meals, water and dessert. They talk to the men and women they meet, hoping the conversations will serve as bright spots to everyone involved.

Adult (18-59)

A musician who has taught and mentored hundreds of students at the academy from which she graduated, as well the Boys and Girls Club of Richmond. She also uses music as therapy, playing instruments to students with special needs. She hopes her work will shape her students into a new generation of mentors.

A library volunteer and homework helper who attends every Homework Help Club his library holds. His work has helped several young students improve their reading skills and helped young immigrants improve their fluency in English. His work is vital to the library’s Homework Help Club and has made a marked improvement in our community.

Senior (60+)

A retiree who has volunteered at the animal shelter for many years. There, she grooms animals that need special attention and helps turn matted, dirty dogs into clean, well-groomed dogs. Her efforts greatly improve dogs’ adoptability in addition to helping the animals’ health and well-being. She is always ready to assist in urgent grooming needs and has also donated items like office supplies and furniture to improve the shelter.

A community member who each week volunteers with Chesterfield County’s Office of Aging and Disability Services to call other seniors who are disabled, home-bound or isolated. During these calls, he checks-in with seniors, verifying their well-being and giving them an opportunity to socialize and feel connected to the community.

Group (2 or more no age restriction)

A husband-and-wife duo who spend their weekends volunteering with the Chesterfield Food Bank. Their dedication to making sure everyone has food on the table has helped so many community members in need, including senior citizens trying to survive solely off Social Security, veterans on disability, people who recently lost a job and more.


A local Chesterfield business that donates a percentage of all profits to local non-profits. It also incentivizes its employees to serve their community by offering paid volunteer leave.

A local church whose members exemplify a dedication to living lives of service, regularly working with underprivileged groups in the community as well as sponsoring mission trips to areas in need outside of the country.