Required Documents for Permit Application

Minimum Documents Required to Initiate the Permit Review Process

  • Five sets of plans (six sets if the building has a food preparation area). Provide specifications if they contain building code information not provided on the plans.
  • Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical plans, intended for construction; design/build is not allowed. If no mechanical, plumbing or electrical work is to be performed, state that clearly on the plans. See the separate electrical, mechanical and plumbing checklists.
  • All pages of the plan set the same size. If different discipline designers use different page sizes, re-print smaller pages on sheets the size of the largest in the set.
  • Completed Asbestos Certification Form (PDF) for additions.
  • Completed Commercial Building Permit Application (PDF) with work description noted.

If Applicable, Submittal of the Following Documents Is Required Prior to Permit Issuance

  • Geotechnical Report
  • Statement of Special Inspections (PDF)
  • If hazardous materials will be stored or used in the building or space - MSDS sheets and a list of the hazardous materials, with hazard classifications noted
  • If the building is a pre-fabricated metal building - certification from the structural engineer stating that the foundation has been designed according to the actual loads from the steel building manufacturer. This certification may be on the plans or in letter that includes the engineer’s seal
  • COMcheck or equivalent program to verify compliance with the current Virginia Energy Conservation Code