Davis Child Advocacy Center


The Davis Child Advocacy Center (CAC) helps children who have experienced trauma from abuse. It is a child focused, community-based program created to protect child abuse victims during the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases. The Davis CAC is a facility that unites the people and services abused children need during the investigative process. Our goal is to reduce the emotional trauma to children by forming a united, interagency partnership that improves services to children through information sharing and cross-agency communication.


  • Provide a place where families can receive support when they learn that a child may have been abused.
  • Assist with finding counseling services for children and caregivers to help overcome the trauma of the abuse.
  • Provide a safe and friendly place for children to be interviewed about abuse.
  • Reduce the number of times children are interviewed about the abuse.


  • Each child is interviewed individually by a forensic interviewer about the abuse.
  • While the forensic interview is taking place, a Family Advocate meets with family members to provide resources and answer questions about the process.
  • Each child will be interviewed in a safe and comfortable environment while members of the Investigative Team observe the forensic interview in a separate room. The length of the forensic interview varies with each child.
  • If you or your child are in need of therapy, the Family Advocate will provide different options for Trauma Focused Therapy.