Ashton Creek Vineyard

Ashton Creek Vineyard

Ashton Main BuildingCreek Vineyard is a hidden gem tucked away on the Jefferson Davis Corridor just south of John Tyler Community College.  Family owned and operated, the Vineyard is open 5 days a week and offers wine tastings and food service in its charming 2,400-square-foot Tasting Room. The Vineyard also hosts a spacious 4,800-square-foot event space for weddings and other events. County staff was fortunate to meet onsite with Rachel Thibault, one of the co-owners.

What is the history oEvent Venuef the Vineyard?

“Our family has owned the property since I was a child, but we didn’t start planting until 2011.  My sister was getting married – we were having a hard time finding a venue in the area, so we saw this as an opportunity to grow the vineyard and create something really cool on Jeff Davis.  We were also able to take advantage of the incentives that Chesterfield County provided as far as economic development.”

What attracted you to the Chester area?

“It’s a great location because we’re located in between two major highways. We actually just got our highway sign this summer.”

How did youWiner family get into the wine business?

“Our passion for wine led us into this industry and has developed from many years of admiration of both great quality wines but also the way wine can bring people together.  Being a part of this industry is a dream come true for our family and something we hope to continue to do for as long as we can.”

We have recently acquired 177 acres located right off Lake Chesdin. It’s going to be another vineyard location with a tasting room with limited hours.” Note: the open date for this new location is still TBD.

When did thTasting Roomis location open?

“We’ve been doing events for 5 years and the tasting room has been open for 3 years [since 2013].”

How many events do you do a year?

“I would say roughly around 120 events including weddings, corporate events, and parties.”

What is your favorite and/or the most popular wine you sell?

“Our [most popular] red is probably our Celebration. It’s a sweet, sparkling wine.  It’s not super sweet though. Bailey’s Bold has recently been our best-selling red now. That’s only been out for 2 months.  I also really love the sparkling Rose.”

What is your favorite food item on the menu?

“I really like the Harvest Grain Salad. The Baked Crab Dip is also very popular and the French Dip is classic.”

What in your vieBaileyw, makes your winery special?

“I’m really proud that we give back to the communities. We have bottles here, the Bailey’s Bold and the Willie’s White, that are named after our dogs. $4.00 from every sale goes back to animal shelters. We’re big animal lovers, and we like to do community adoption events.

I think that giving back really makes us unique. We care about recycling and pride ourselves on how to be more conscientious on how we conduct business. We do as much as we can to have a positive impact here."

Venue BarVisit Ashton Creek Vineyards at

14501 Jefferson Davis Highway
Chester VA 23831

Tasting Room Hours: 

Closed - Monday and Tuesday
12pm - 8pm - Wednesday - Friday
11am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday