Jefferson Davis Flea Market

Flea Market 2

One of the Art Shopgems on the Northern Jefferson Davis Highway Corridor is the Jefferson Davis Flea Market located near the intersection of Route 150 and Jefferson Davis Highway. The market features nearly 70 vendors in an enormous 80,000 square foot facility. From bedroom furniture to wedding dresses, health and wellness products to mobile phones, consumers can find nearly anything they need to under one roof.   Community Enhancement staff was fortunate enough to meet with Sandra MB, the current manager.

How long have you worked managing this flea market?

 “Since its inception [in 2008]. It’s been about 10 years now.”

What kind of businesses are here in the market?

“ThParty Shope market is a mini mall for the surrounding area and people who live within a 10 miles radius. There are hair salons, nail salons, a full-service restaurant and a multitude of vendors who offer many items for your home and most things you would find in a department store or regional mall.  Anything you can think of, you can find it in here.”

“The vendors at the market are small business owners. We give them an opportunity to own a small business.  We open the market, conduct marketing campaigns, and have a friendly staff. Some small business owners need support to own a business and that’s why we’re here."

“We have families who come here every weekend. This is their place. I’ve seen children grow up here. We see the same small business owners every Saturday, every Sunday- we know who’s going to be here every weekend.”

Do you find you get people who travel here from outside the Corridor?

“Yes. We’Shopre working with Virginia is for Lovers, positioning the market to be a [regional] attraction.

Starting January 2020, we’ll be open every weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Our weekend only hours will enable us to drive traffic and keep the market consistently busy ensuring 90% of the vendors are open during business hours.” 

What’s your favorite thing about your location on the Corridor?

“Well, the market is accessible to anybody and consumer’s bump into our location when they need fuel.  We’re currently working with VDOT to promote the market on highway signs to become a regional attraction.  We’re marketing in a multitude of ways to keep the market busy all the time, some vendors are part-time, and some vendors depend on the market full time to make a living, it’s my duty to make sure consumers come to the market. 

QuesadillaWhat’s the best item to order in the market’s restaurant Lupita’s?

“Lupita’s Restaurant is known for their tacos and they just came out with this incredible  quesadilla-they’re fantastic!”

CE staff found Lupita’s to be very accommodating and friendly, with a great menu of authentic and flavorful Mexican dishes.

What would you like to see for the Corridor in the future? “Everything the County is doing to beautify the Corridor gives us an advantage to attract tourists. In fact, the Police Station located across the street makes it safer for our vendors and consumers." 

“Having tourism because we are Route 1 is great, however; some tourists don’t know where to stop.  We are working on enhancing our visibility, so tourists know we're the place to stop at on Route 1 this year.”