Environmental Stewardship

Parks and Recreation supports conservation and environmental stewardship in a variety of ways.

  • Monitoring of vernal pools on county property with assistance from the Virginia Master Naturalist Program.
  • Monitoring of blue bird nesting boxes in various county parks.
  • Monitoring of wood duck nesting boxes at the Dutch Gap Conservation Area.
  • Identifying bald eagle nesting sites on county property.
  • Coordination with licensed bird banders who conduct the prothonotary warbler study and the MAPS program (monitoring avian productivity and survivorship).
  • Assisting the Richmond Audubon Society in the annual winter bird count.
  • Identification and management of wildflower data for county parks.
  • Coordination with a variety of groups (such as scouts, Sail Angels, etc.) in conducting trash cleanup at park sites.
  • 92 miles of riverfront on the Appomattox and James rivers
  • Management of over 1,700 acres in five conservation areas.
  • Promotion of Chesterfield's Bikeways and Trails Plan implementation as a means of alternative transportation (reducing pollution and reliance on fuels). Maintain 42 miles of trails.
  • The design approach and input for all parks planning projects includes multidisciplinary teams that focus on cross-function and environmental outcomes (eg. engineers, landscape architects, operations and maintenance teams, building supervisors and recreation programmers).
  • Parks maintenance staff operate under a manual of Environmental Management SOPs that cover pesticide management, fueling, spill response, oil management, recycling of paint, aerosol can management, along with many others.

If you would like to assist in conservation or environmental protection efforts, please contact our department at 804-748-1623 or parksrec@chesterfield.gov.