Current ProjectsPainting of Thomas Jefferson

Eppington had elaborate gardens and Thomas Jefferson referred to Frances Eppes as “the first horticulturist in America”. Virginia State University and Virginia Tech have an ongoing project growing organic grapes at Eppington.

Building a Future for the Past

Your tax-deductible donation to the Foundation will be used to secure property surrounding the house, the slave quarter area and to reconstruct an 18th century school house and kitchen. Donations will be used to build a visitor’s Center. All this will be made possible through the support of our donors. The Eppington Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit organization with 501 (c )(3) status.

The Eppington Foundation

The Eppington Foundation was formed in 1991. Its mission is to preserve, restore and reconstruct Eppington and to educate the public as to its historical, cultural, agricultural and architectural significance. The Foundation also raises funds to pay for projects such as repairs, paint analysis, and rebuilding the school house and kitchen.


Donations, which are tax deductible, may be made to:

Eppington Foundation
P.O. Box 40
Chesterfield, Virginia 23832.

Eppes Family Friends

  • Rebecca & John Longnaker

Friends of Eppington

  • Wayne K. Toy