Falling Creek Ironworks Park

Falling Creek Ironworks Park

Falling Creek Trail Sign

You may have passed the Falling Creek Ironworks and Overlook Trail a hundred times, and never knew it existed.  The park is located at 6407 Jefferson Davis Highway, with a trail that is approximately 2 miles long, easy to walk, and follows the path of Falling Creek.

Community Enhancement staff had the opportunity to visit the park in October and walk the trail.  Along the way we saw the remnants of the Iron Furnace and Cary’s Mill

The trail has a very nice overlook that looks out over Falling Creek and gives you a little history of the area.  At several points, you can walk right out to the rocks, take in the view, see the Heron dipping down to catch a fish, or just relax and listen to the running water.  If you want to see a little history of Falling Creek – this park is perfect.

Lookout AreaTrail Helpful Tips

  • There is no dedicated parking for this trail, so you will need to park in the visitors parking in front of the park
  • Trail closes at dark
  • Only a portion of the trail is paved
  • Currently, the trail does not loop around 
  • Very easy and relaxing to walk