Chesterfield County Farmer's Market

Logo_FM_Cfield_TransVirginia farmers markets are an important resource for communities to provide access to local fresh produce, food, horticultural goods and hygiene products. You also support local businesses by shopping at a farmers market. It is because of this Chesterfield County will continue to have the market and will be open every Wednesday May thru  Aug  from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

We are following the latest guidelines from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and are enacting a strict social distancing model. We are encouraging our customers to pre-order as much as possible, but walk up purchases are still accepted. 

The market will now be set up in Mimms Loop which will be blocked off to traffic. Customers can park in the two parking lots next to Mimms Loop. There are some new rules that will need to be followed at this time.

COVID-19 Market Rules

  • Do not enter the market if you are sick
  • Wear face masks to protect yourself and others
  • Practice social distancing and remain 6 feet apart, places to stand are marked with chalk
  • Pre-order and pre-pay whenever possible to limit touch points and amount of time at market
  • No pets allowed
  • Please only send one person per household
  • Do not touch surfaces or vendors display
  • Please do not linger
  • Use hand sanitizing station if need be
  • Use credit card or contactless payment when possible

We will be adding a list of all of the market vendors and their pre-order information. Please consider pre-ordering whenever possible. These circumstances require a lot of changes for ourselves and our vendors, please be patient with us. Thank you to all of our customers and we look forward to this market season. If you have any questions email Farmers Market

Chesterfield County Farmers Market Vendor Pre-Order Information

Please pre-order your market supplies from our great vendors the Friday through Monday before the market. Below are the vendors currently available and how to pre-order from them. 

  • Our online store
    • Alberta General Store- featuring "Unkol" Chuck’s Brunswick Stew call or text 434-532-6658 or email.
    • Great Harvest Bread Co- whole grain bread, cheese breads, rolls, sweet breads and more
    • Haley’s Honey- honey products
    • Pop’s Kettle Corn- kettle popcorn
    • Red Velvet Affairs & Guilty Pleasures- pudding, oatmeal cream pies, brownies and more
    • Sweet Belle Prepper- freeze dried fruits, veggies, treats and more
  • Willowland Farm-fresh local produce
  • Heath Farm-Fresh local produce and plants
  • Pasture to Porch- beef, pork, chicken, jellies, eggs, elderberry syrup
  • Two Veterans Farms-  local produce and microgreens
  • Jarratt’s Produce and Schofield Farm fresh local produce and mushrooms
  • Spring Grove Farm- Search Spring Grove Farm on Facebook- chicken, eggs, lip balms and soaps
  • Melrose Farms- Search Melrose Farms on Facebook and message orders-jams, jellies, pickles, and apple butter

In case of inclement weather and the market closes, pre-orders can still be picked up at the Chesterfield Extension pavilion at 9501 Lori Rd from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Food Trucks

Benefits to Shopping Farmer’s Markets

  • Better taste and nutrition: Products are grown locally and picked at the peak of the season, making nutrients more abundant.
  • Meet your farmers: The same people who grow the food sell their products and have a wealth of knowledge to share.
  • Support local business: When you shop at local farmers markets, you’re keeping money in your own community going directly to the farmer.