Rain Barrels


Our county is consciously working towards stronger environmental responsibility, using resources and undertaking sustainable initiatives with an eye to the future. That means evaluating our energy use, making the choice to reduce, reuse and recycle, and making every effort to protect our environment. See all the ways Chesterfield is staying committed to sustainable practices.

Community Enhancement

Community Enhancement collaborates with community organizations and supports sustainable development. View current completed projects and success stories

Cooperative Extension

Support sustainability in your community is by visiting your local farmers and businesses at Cooperative Extension's Chesterfield County Farmers Market, which runs May through August.

Chesterfield is home to nearly 1,300 miles of streams, 124 miles of riverfront and hundreds of acres of reservoirs, ponds and lakes. So, homeowners have a large role to play in sustaining our county’s waterways through landscaping, creating rain barrels and more. Learn more about these skills and sustainability at the home.

Environmental Engineering

Sustainability is vital to the work of our Environmental Engineering Department. Watch a video on the work they do and their education and outreach efforts in the community. Let Environmental Engineering teach you how to make a difference regarding stormwater pollution prevention.

General Services

The Department of General Services is responsible, in part, for reporting on the cost and consumption of electricity, natural gas, propane and water in county government facilities. Read the current Energy Management Annual Report

Chesterfield County Government and Chesterfield County Public Schools (CCPS) have partnered with Sun Tribe Solar to bring solar power to Chesterfield facilities via a solar power purchase agreement (PPA). In addition to clean, renewable energy, the county and CCPS will achieve ongoing cost savings, primarily through securing long-term electric rate stability. PPAs require no capital investment and Sun Tribe owns, operates and maintains the equipment. Sixteen county and school facilities have been selected as viable candidates. 

The Waste and Resource Recovery Division (WARR) is a leader in environmental, health and safety management. Visit a Chesterfield convenience center to dispose of household items like refrigerators, dryers and grills, or to recycle electronics, metals and other materials. If you need mulch, it is available for citizens to load at the Southern Area Convenience Center during normal business hours. Chesterfield recognizes the importance of recycling and its effectiveness in reducing the volume of household waste that ends up in landfills. Learn more about recycling options.

Parks and Recreation

The design for all park planning projects includes a focus on environmental outcomes. Plus, our Parks and Recreation Department operates on a manual of environmental management standard operating procedures. Read more about the Parks and Recreation environmental stewardship efforts. Currently, a sustainability plan that addresses long-term environmental sustainability by analyzing current practices and proposing recommendations is being developed by a multi-departmental committee. The plan will focus on conservation, environmental monitoring, health and wellness, and promoting sustainable practices to the community.

The Parks and Recreation Department is also tasked with managing conservation easements held by the Department of Historic Resources and Capital Region Land Conservancy. Monitoring reports are available for several parks.

Risk Management

For an overview of environmental best practices on the topics of energy conservation, waste reduction and pollution prevention, please visit Risk Management.