Telephone Reassurance Program

Contact to Reduce Isolation, Victimization and Health Concerns

The Telephone Reassurance Program promotes the security of at risk older adults and adults with disabilities while reducing isolation, victimization and health concerns, by contact through brief daily or weekly telephone reassurance call to verify their well-being. The program is designed for older individuals who live alone and/or feel isolated.

Many times an older adult may fall or become injured and doesn’t receive help for extended periods of time. This service not only ensures their safety, but peace of mind for relatives and neighbors who care about them.

The program is free of charge and will continue until the individual no longer wishes to participate. A confidential information sheet is completed for each subscriber including emergency contacts, phone numbers and other contacts. Participants will receive a phone call from a trained and screened volunteer. The frequency of calls is requested by the participant. Calls are made at minimum once a week. If the participant does not answer the phone, a procedure of safety checks is followed.

For more information on the Telephone Reassurance Program and to get involved as an elder or volunteer, contact Aging and Disability Resources by email or call 804-768-7878