Senior Home Services

September, 2019

AdvanSix volunteers, in conjunction with Rebuilding Together – Richmond, completed several repairs for a Senior in Ettrick. The team uncovered a significant structural issue that the resident was not aware of. The roof penetration for an abandoned chimney had decayed the floor boards and support joists. The team repaired this issue, restored the flooring, made repairs to the front concrete porch and painted the exterior trim. As a result, our Senior’s life was changed, and her home is more livable, safer and healthier. THANK YOU!!

 Ironbridge Baptist Church – a team of volunteers performed some needed yard maintenance, weeding, and removing accumulated debris in preparation for repairs to the home’s deck. Another team has formed to complete the repairs to the deck stairs and railings in October. THANKS!

If you know a Senior in need or you or your group wishes to volunteer, please email the county’s Aging and Disability Services office or call 804 768-7878.

February, 2019

Chesterfield County Technical Center Volunteers

On February 15, 2019, staff members from the Chesterfield County Technical Center, volunteered their time to assist a couple of the county seniors with some needed yard maintenance and minor repairs. Giving back to the community in this fashion provides rewards not only for the recipients, but those volunteers walked away with a sense of pride in helping our county seniors. This Work Day was a direct result of a budding partnership with the Chesterfield Council on Aging Senior Home Services committee, and the County's Aging & Disability Service and Community Enhancement departments. We'd like to recognize and thank those staff members for their efforts in improving the lives of our county seniors.

April, 2019

Bensley Area Residents Volunteers

Bensley area residents partnered with Community Enhancement Department employees and Amazon volunteers to complete a community wide cleanup. The results were the removal of unwanted household items from over 800 homes in the area. We’d like to recognize this hard work by these residents and volunteers.

Kingsland Baptist Church Volunteers

Kingsland Baptist Church volunteers completed a fencing repair project for a county Senior. Debris behind the privacy fencing had deteriorated the fence and supports. Volunteers cleaned the brush from behind the fence, replaced four sections of fencing including a new gate, and removed a debris pile (concrete and rocks) in the back yard. We’d like to recognize and thank these volunteers.

Become a Volunteer

There are more opportunities for volunteers. If you or your group wish to help, please email the county’s Aging and Disability Services office or call 804 768-7878. You may also email Dave Van Aken or call him at 804 895-2015.