County Newsletters

A great way to stay up to date with the latest news from around Chesterfield County is to subscribe to our e-newsletters. Below is a diverse range of offerings from a variety of departments and divisions.

Happening in Chesterfield | Communications and Media

The county’s flagship e-newsletter, Happening in Chesterfield, offers a weekly overview of important updates, exciting events and new opportunities from around the county. To subscribe to Happening in Chesterfield or to read past editions, visit the Happening in Chesterfield webpage.

The Broadside | Henricus Historical Park

Henricus Historical Park, a living history museum located in Chester, offers a monthly e-newsletter called The Broadside. If you’re interested in receive the latest news about the park’s past events, future events and educational programming, subscribe via Henricus Historical Park sign-up form.

Chesterfield Alert | Emergency Management

While Chesterfield Alert is not a newsletter, it is one of the best ways to stay informed during a variety of local emergency situations. To subscribe, visit the Chesterfield Alert webpage.

Community Engagement Newsletter | Chesterfield County Police Department (CCPD)

This newsletter is a part of CCPD’s ongoing efforts to use education to prevent crime. Published every two months, the community engagement newsletter contains crime prevention information (e.g. vacation safety tips in the summer) and a variety of information about the police department and other resources available through Chesterfield County. This newsletter can be accessed on the Neighborhood Watch webpage.

Connected and Caring | Human Services

Each month, Connected and Caring provides readers information directly from the Human Services division. The Human Services Division provides a wide array of services to the county and is comprised of Community Engagement and Resources, Community Corrections Services, Drug Courts, Juvenile Justice Services, Mental Health Support Services and Social Services. To receive notifications about new editions, sign up for the Connected and Caring Newsletter. Archived newsletters can be accessed on the Connected and Caring page.

Extension Connections | Cooperative Extension

Chesterfield Cooperative Extension offers Extension Connections, a quarterly newsletter which gives an overview of news, programs and upcoming events from Cooperative Extension. Sign up for Extension Connections.

Out of the Park | Parks and Recreation

The Department of Parks and Recreation is now offering a monthly newsletter—Out of the Park—to highlight the top department news, stories and events. To sign up for “Out of the Park” and to view other digital offerings from Parks and Recreation, visit their Out of the Park Newsletter information.