10 Facts That You May Not Know About Extension

The following are 10 facts you may now know about the extension program:

  • Did you know kids can join a 4-H Club as early as age 5?
  • Did you know that 4-H has a wealth of volunteer opportunities? We LOVE our volunteers!
  • Did you know that 4-H hosts a Talent and Fashion Show at the Chesterfield County Fair?
  • Did you know that Extension has a demonstration garden?
  • Did you know that we offer food demonstrations with nutritional foods for all ages?
  • Did you know that we offer pressure canner testing, free of charge in our office?
  • Did you know that you can contact us about making your landscape sustainable?
  • Did you know that you can pick up a soil testing kit from our office or any Chesterfield County Public Libraries?
  • Did you know we have a laboratory on site? Bring in your diseased plants and we will diagnose them for free!
  • Did you know we offer financial management seminars?
  • I bet you didn't know we did so much in our little office!?