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A protective order is a legal document issued by a magistrate or a judge to help you protect yourself, your children, and/or other family or household members from someone who is hurting your or causing you fear.

Protective orders are designed to protect against future violence, force, or threats.

A protective order is a tool, used in a legal sense, to prevent acts of violence, force, or threat. It is not a shield or a guarantee of safety. If you are in danger call 911 immediately.

Qualifying for a Protective Order

To qualify for a protective order, you must have been, within a reasonable period of time, subjected to an act of force or a threat of violence that places you in reasonable fear for your own, or your children’s, safety and well being.

Petition for a Protective Order

The type of relationship that you have (or had) with the person who is threatening or harming you determines where you need to petition for a protective order: 

Family Abuse Protective Order

If that person is a family or household member you can request a family abuse protective order through the intake office for the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. You would also petition for a protective order in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court if either the petitioner or the respondent is under the age of 18.

Domestic and Sexual Violence Protective Order

Chesterfield Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court
7000 Lucy Corr Blvd
Chesterfield, VA 23832
Phone: 804-748-1379
Fax: 804-717-6043

Protective orders with criminal charges
Victim/Witness: 804-717-6179

Protective orders with no criminal charges
Domestic & Sexual Violence Resource Center (DSVRC): 804-318-8264

All Other Protective Orders

All other requests for protective orders that do not meet the definition of a family or household member are made through the General District Court Clerk’s Office.

Non-Familial Protective Orders

Chesterfield General District Court
9500 Courthouse Road
Chesterfield, VA 23832
Phone: 804-748-1231
Fax: 804-748-1757

Victim / Witness: 804-796-7087

Petitions can be requested without an attorney and there is no required fee.

Per Virginia Code section §18.2-308.1:4, a person subject to a permanent family abuse protective order cannot possess or transport a firearm for 24-hours from the time the order is served.

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