Keep Chesterfield Beautiful

The Department of Community Enhancement’s Keep Chesterfield Beautiful team enhances the beauty of Chesterfield County daily by picking up litter/debris on secondary roads, cleaning 15 major interchanges, picking up discarded furniture, appliances and more in cul-de-sacs, medians, ditches and waterways.

KCB manages several programs, including:

Keep Chesterfield Beautiful Team

The Sheriffs Workforce has partnered with KCB in working to keep Chesterfield County clean and green.

The Keep Chesterfield Beautiful team also supports community events with the Be the Good Neighbor interactive educational mobile unit.

This team in on a pro-active mission to serve, support and inspire a litter-free and attractive community.

Questions about Keep Chesterfield Beautiful?

For more information about the Keep Chesterfield Beautiful team or initiatives, contact Summer Benton or Calvin Vonada via email or call 804-717-6171 or 804-717-6136.

  1. Adopt-a-Spot
  2. Community Clean Sweep Events
  3. Cover Your Load
  4. Mobile Unit - Be the Good Neighbor

Adopt-a-Spot Program

Is there a spot in your neighborhood that could look better if only someone would take the time to clean it up?  You can make a difference by taking ownership of just a small piece of Chesterfield County as your adopted spot. By volunteering to remove unsightly litter, your neighborhood, civic, school or church group will be active partners in this beautification endeavor and assist the county in achieving its goal to be responsible protectors of the environment.

Keep Chesterfield Beautiful Program, part of the Department of Community Enhancement, is looking for volunteers for the Adopt-A-Spot program. This program allows organizations, businesses and individuals to adopt smaller, more-secure areas instead of busy roadways.

A spot may be a park, school grounds, vacant lot, parking lot, walkway, median strip, street or entry way. The county will provide garbage bags and reflective vests as needed.

Take pride in your community by helping to keep just one site beautiful and litter-free.

If you are interested in attending any of our volunteer opportunities, please contact Calvin Vonada or call 804-717-6136.

Community Clean Sweep Event Photographs

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