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Within our new normal, there are so many changes to the ways we go about our daily routines. One thing that hasn’t changed is our dedication to helping you with your gardening & landscaping questions, and that’s why we’re happy to share a new way for you to reach us through our Master Gardeners Virtual Help Desk. 

Simply email your questions and we’ll assign a Master Gardener to assist you. If needed, you may attach photos or a short video to illustrate your question; review guidance on submitting your photo to the Plant Disease Clinic. Our Master Gardeners will respond, and we’ll either call (if provided) or email you with our response.

If you have a flock of backyard chickens or thinking about getting some we can help. Submit your question to our help desk and our 4H technician can help find you an answer.

About the Program

Extension is a joint program of Virginia Tech, Virginia State University, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and state and local governments. The Virginia Cooperative Extension provides programs and information covering the broad areas of agriculture, families and 4-H. Our goal is to help our citizens maintain and improve the quality of their environment.

We proudly offer the following programs:

  • Financial Management
  • Gardening Advice
  • Nutrition Education
  • Plant Diagnosis
  • Seminars Camps
  • Youth Programs
  • And Much More