Mattress Recycling Program

As of February 1, 2019, the Department of Community Enhancement will be partnering with CARITAS in a mattress recycling program.


  • Free up landfill space
  • Help to eliminate illegal dumping and educate citizens
  • Mattresses are 80 - 95 percent recyclable


  • The Department of Health Code insists that mattresses do not have rips or stains
  • Twin through Queen sizes only
  • Cannot accept Tempurpedic mattresses (Foam Mattresses)


  • Deliver your rip and stain free mattresses to the CARITAS furniture bank at 1108 Gordon Avenue (off of Commerce Road) in Richmond Virginia, Monday - Friday.  Please call 804-343-5008 (extension 411 or 423) before you come
  • Call 804-343-5008 (extension 411 or 423) to set up an appointment to have CARITAS pick up your mattresses Monday - Friday.  The pick-up fee is $35.00