Future Community Leaders Certificate

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Providing the Opportunity to Learn about Local Government

The Future Community Leaders Certificate (FCLC) provides Chesterfield County high school students with the opportunity to learn about their local government, interact with government officials and engage in volunteerism to support the community. This certificate is a three-step process:

  1. Attend a Chesterfield County 101 session: This (one and a half hour) program will educate students on the basics of county government including, but not limited to:
    • Board of Supervisors and their positions
    • Budget
    • County districts
    • Departments and positions/careers within the county
    • How government impacts residents (including teens)
    • How to get involved
  2. Attend a small group meeting with your district’s Board of Supervisors representative: These meetings will likely take place on the same evenings as district meetings and will require advance signups. They will offer FCLC participants an opportunity to meet their district representative and learn about what a supervisor's role is in the county. Students will be able to ask questions during the small group setting. 
  3. Complete 25 hours of community service in the greater Richmond area: Ten of these hours must be completed with Chesterfield County Government (Chesterfield County Public Library (CCPL), Chesterfield County Public Schools (CCPS), Parks and Recreation, etc.). Completing 25 hours of community service also will get students halfway to the requirement for the Board of Education’s Seal for Excellence in Civics Education. Community service hours completed for other purposes (classes, clubs, etc.) can be counted towards this certificate.

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