FY2020 Budget Workshop

Presentation Description: Host a workshop to help staff craft the FY2020 budget. Review key financial indicators and learn how they inform the county’s economic and budgetary outlook. Help implement community priorities through long-range financial planning efforts and share your ideas about how to maintain Chesterfield’s high quality of life.

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  • Meghan Coates, Budget and Management Director;
  • Natalie Spillman, Budget Manager

About Meghan Coates

Meghan Coates has worked for Chesterfield County for more than 10 years, and currently serves as budget and management director. She is responsible for the oversight of the county’s $1.3 billion consolidated budget and five-year capital improvement plan. Additionally, she was instrumental in redesigning the budget process to make it more customer friendly, and was a key contributor to the county’s ongoing community outreach efforts through Blueprint Chesterfield. Coates holds a bachelor’s degree from Roanoke College, a master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a certificate in design thinking and innovation from the University of Virginia’s executive education program.

About Natalie Spillman

Natalie Spillman, serving as the budget manager, has been with Chesterfield County for over 12 years. She began her career in the Planning Department and joined Budget and Management in 2013. She’s passionate about innovating the budget processes to better connect the county’s long-term vision to resource allocation, and to more effectively engage with and communicate those efforts to the community.

Meghan Coates portrait
Natalie Spillman