Opioid Steering Committee

The Opioid Steering Committee was established in fall 2017 to address the heroin and opioid crisis in Chesterfield County as it, along with its neighbors regionally, was seeing an increase in deaths and overdoses.

The Steering Committee is led by the assistant county administrator for human services and is represented by all county departments who touched this issue, including:

  • Chesterfield County Public Schools
  • Chesterfield County Fire and EMS
  • Chesterfield County Police
  • Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office
  • Commonwealth’s Attorney
  • Communications and Media
  • Community Corrections
  • County Attorney’s Office
  • Courts
  • Drug Court
  • Health Department
  • Information Systems Technology
  • Mental Health Support Services
  • Substance Abuse Free Environment (SAFE) Coalition
  • Social Services