Alterations & Renovations Checklist

Department of Utilities

Utilities Checklist

To improve customer service and eliminate delays, we require the completion of the Utilities Checklist (PDF) as part of the process for applying for a commercial building permit for new work in existing commercial buildings.  Examples may include upfits, interior or exterior renovations, changes of use, etc.  The Utilities Checklist (PDF) is used to evaluate the sufficiency of the existing water meter size and sanitary sewer services to determine if additions or alterations will impact utilities.  If it is determined that utilities are impacted, our staff will identify and communicate any requirements directly to the permit applicant.

Checklist Review

Building Inspection will accept the utilities checklist with the permit application, then send it to Utilities for review.  It’s important that the utilities checklist be completed with the permit application. We will not recommend the approval of any permit that does not include the utilities checklist.

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