Meadowbrook Estates Civic Association "Fights Litter" - MECA Litter Tour #4

TMECA Tour 4he amazing team started by trimming back the over extended hedges along the fence line of Meadowbrook golf course on Hopkins Road.  Shortly thereafter, the highly motivated team picked up litter from the traffic light at Walmart, to the street sign at Monza Drive. The team was pleasantly surprised to receive honks from approving neighbors driving by and appreciated the cold bottles of water from neighbors as they worked.

Contact Julius Huggins at jrjhizzle@gmail.com for more information and to volunteer for the next tour.

Mighty members of MECA Litter Team - Tour #4:  Ben, Ed, Ernie, Glen, Charlie, Ron and Larry

MECA Team Fights Litter

MECA TeamHighly motivated Meadowbrook Estates Civic Association (MECA) Litter Team, on tour #3 Saturday, May 4th. The weather was ideal for picking up litter and taking care of unwanted vegetation and debris.

Within 90-minutes, this team accumulated litter, and trimmed back the protruding shrubbery to access litter matted within it. MECA is proud of their continuous cleanup efforts and have scheduled to continue the fight against litter for the rest of the year.

Brush Clean-Up in Ampthill

Ampthill Clean UpThirty residents and volunteers gathered in the Ampthill community to remove unwanted brush and debris from property and common areas.  Two 40-yard dumpsters were provided by the Department of Community Enhancement to place the unwanted items for proper disposal.  A big “thank you” to Brian Chamberlain, Bobby Hyne and three Amazon volunteers for helping to make Ampthill shine!

VSU Business School Students Clean the Appomattox River

Career LaVSU Appomattox River 1unch - Giving Back

“At VSU, we are proudly committed to: providing a transformative experience for our students, strategically investing in our academic programs, embracing our position as a top Land Grant University, embracing our role as Virginia’s Opportunity University, and partnering together as a University to tell our story”.  Jonathan M. Young, Director of Corporate Relations, Reginald F. Lewis College of Business

Congratulations!  Recipient of the 2018 Metropolitan Business League’s (MBL) Chairman’s Leadership Award, recognized for building leaders.

Veolia Joins Chesterfield's Anti-Litter Campaign

On April 16,Veolia 1 2019, Veolia - James River Plant, joined Chesterfield’s Adopt-A-Spot Program.  Twenty-one employees removed 675 pounds of litter from Bellwood Road in less than two hours.   The Keep Chesterfield Beautiful Program and Community Enhancement appreciates Veolia’s dedication in keeping a piece of Chesterfield County clean and green.  Thank you, Veolia, for making a difference in our community.  

Trash Challenge 1
Trash Challenge 2

L. C. Bird High School Participates in the "Trash Challenge"

Paola Henriquez always “steps up to the plate” when it comes to volunteering in Chesterfield.  She has a passion for keeping Chesterfield clean and green.  When Paola sees a littered area in the county, especially near L. C. Bird High School, she goes in to action. 

On March 23, 2019, Paola gathered 10 volunteers from her school to pick up litter and debris around the school complex and parts of Courthouse Road.  They removed 250 pounds of litter and collectively earned 30 community service hours.  Paola and her volunteers are a role model for all students in Chesterfield County. 

The Keep Chesterfield Beautiful team and Community Enhancement applauds L. C. Bird students for taking the “trash challenge” to enhance the beauty of the community.

SHENDOAHShenandoah Resident "Give Back" to their Community

Residents of Shenandoah are passionate about keeping their community clean and green.  Thank you, Barbara, for being the team leader for Shenandoah’s Adopt-A-Spot team.  All citizens are encouraged to join the County’s anti-litter campaign.  Contact Pam Cooper, Department of Community Enhancement, at 804-751-2227 or cooperp@chesterfield.gov for more information.  The Adopt-A-Spot program gives students an opportunity to earn community service hours.

VSU Students 2Community Enhancements Keep Chesterfield Beautiful Team Partners with Virginia State University in "Giving Back to the Community"

On January 21, 2019, seventy three students participated in the "Give Back to the Community" in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.  The students divided into three teams to pick up litter and debris on campus, roadside ravines and sections of River Road.  The teams worked hard in bitter cold weather conditions to enhance the beauty of the community that represents Virginia State University. 

Congratulations to the students for removing 1,075 pounds of litter and debris from the college area.  The students are eager to continue to keep Virginia State University and Chesterfield County clean and green.

Katie and Travis VolunteerGiving Back to the Community

The Department of Community Enhancement received a call from a resident in the Deer Run subdivision offering free wood to those in need.  Rich Billingsley, License Inspector for the county suggested that the department gather a team to retrieve the wood, split it and deliver to an ill resident in the Normandale community.  Rich, along with his daughter Katie and son Travis, and Shane Bailey, a Community Enhancement Code Compliance officer went to work.  The recipient was grateful to have the wood for heat as winter is fast approaching.  Teamwork at its best!

Students 2VSU Students Honored the College by Keeping it Clean

After VSU’s homecoming on October 20, 2018, student volunteers from Phi Beta Sigma Incorporated and AbStrakt Entertainment joined forces as the “Aftermath Campus Clean-Up”.  They picked up litter on Chesterfield Avenue, the front of MPC and parts of River Road.  They collectively picked up over 20 bags of trash.  A big “thank you” from the Keep Chesterfield Beautiful team! 

Community Clean-Up Events

Chesterfield County's Department of Community Enhancement offers various volunteer opportunities.  In alignment with the County's vision, Community Enhancement is hosting neighborhood clean-up events in 2019, to include litter pickup, grass cutting, raking leaves, mulching, planting flowers, painting, and other tasks as needed to help beautify the neighborhoods.

All volunteers who plan to participate in a community clean-up event, must be registered (this includes youth).  If the event indicates adults must be present, youth and adults must register as a team.  If allowed on the project, any youth volunteers under the age of 18 must bring a parent-signed youth waiver to the project. 

Volunteer Application

Parental Consent Application

Adopt - A - Spot Program

Is there a spot in your neighborhood that could look better if only someone would take the time to clean it up?  You can make a difference by taking ownership of just a small piece of Chesterfield County as your “adopted spot.”  By volunteering to remove unsightly litter, your neighborhood, civic, school or church group will be active partners in this beautification endeavor and assist the county in achieving its goal to be responsible protectors of the environment.   

Keep Chesterfield Beautiful Program, part of the Department of Community Enhancement, is looking for volunteers for the Adopt-A-Spot Program. This program allows organizations, businesses, and individuals to adopt smaller, more-secure areas, instead of busy roadways. A spot may be a park, school grounds, vacant lot, parking lot, walkway, median strip, street, or entry way. The county will provide garbage bags and reflective vests as needed.

Take pride in your community by helping to keep just one site beautiful and litter-free.

Adopt - A - Spot Guidelines

Adopt - A - Stop Agreement

Clean Up Report

If you are interested in attending any of our Volunteer Opportunities, please contact Pam Cooper at cooperp@chesterfield.gov or call 804-751-2227.