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The Code Enforcement Division of Community Enhancement is comprised of enforcement inspectors and administrative personnel. Together we are responsible for enforcing codes and ordinances that promote clean, attractive and safe neighborhoods and businesses.

Zoning Ordinances and Codes

Chesterfield County zoning ordinances and codes describe where, when, how and what activities may be conducted on property in various zoning districts. The Code Enforcement Inspectors ensure code regulations are followed to protect all property owners. Zoning and code compliance help promote the health, safety and general welfare of Chesterfield County residents by designating the types of buildings, businesses and activities that are acceptable in specific zoning districts. For example, residential neighborhoods are zoned for housing, not for junkyards or waste transfer stations. Junkyards and transfer stations are permitted in specific zones. Zoning permits various uses and activities so that they do not adversely affect one another.

Some of the most common violations found in the county involve:

  • Tall weeds and grass
  • Unlicensed/Inoperable vehicles
  • Discarded materials

For Concerns about Roads or Transportation:

VDOT maintains most roads in the County.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following concerns:

  • Road repairs, removal of item(s) from road, report an issue on a sidewalk, bike path
  • Signs, signals, or guardrail repair or installation
  • Question or need information on a VDOT project
  • Dead animals on a public road
  • Grass in the public right away of roads

Please contact the Virginia Department of Transportation directly to report your concern.

Submit a Concern

There are many misconceptions about codes and code violations. If you’re uncertain about codes, code violations or code enforcement, ask questions before you act to save time, money and effort. If you observe a violation, you may contact Community Enhancement at 804-748-1500 or place a complaint online. Remember, you don’t have to give your name, but if you do, it will be kept confidential. Keeping zoning violations to a minimum helps to beautify and preserve neighborhoods and businesses throughout Chesterfield County. Do your part by keeping your property clean.

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